Riverfront Streetcar 101


Convenient transit circulator system


Designed for local travel with connections to regional transit services

Fixed Rails

Vehicles operate on fixed rails embedded within the street surface


Powered by electricity received from an overhead “catenary” wire


Operated in mixed traffic


Efficient, inexpensive travel option for commuters, visitors, residents, and businesses

Electric streetcar service began in Sacramento around 1890 linking a bustling downtown district with residential neighborhoods, workplaces, and a growing series of suburbs.

In 1906, PG&E began operating streetcars throughout Midtown, Curtis Park, Land Park, Oak Park, and East Sacramento. These streetcars were a critical transportation resource.

Two other companies ran streetcar routes downtown along with suburban lines to West Sacramento, North Sacramento, Rio Linda, Elverta, Colonial Heights, and Colonial Acres.

Until 1947, Sacramentans rode streetcars to work, school, the State Fair – just about anywhere they wanted to go until streetcars were replaced by National City Line buses.