Current Activities

Project team working towards:

  • 100% Final Design submittal
  • Station design concept refinement
  • Streetcar vehicle procurement
  • Ongoing inter-agency and stakeholder coordination

Final Design Phase

During the project’s Final Design phase, the partner agencies are working closely with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to follow critical steps as part of the planning and review/approval for the Streetcar project within FTA’s Small Starts program.

Activities occurring during the project’s Final Design phase include:

  • Coordination with utility companies for relocations
  • Development of Design Plans at 50%, 85%, and 100% stages for submittal to FTA (Design Plans include alignment, stations, vehicle maintenance facility, and track relocation)
  • Procurement of vehicles
  • Preparation of governance agreements (Joint Powers Authority, design and construction, operations and maintenance, shared track, etc.)
  • Secure funding for capital, operations, and maintenance costs

Streetcar Governance

The Downtown Riverfront Streetcar project is a partnership between the cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento, as well as Sacramento Regional Transit District, Sacramento Area Council of Governments, Yolo County Transportation District, and the California Department of Transportation. A Joint Powers Authority was formed in March 2017 to operate and maintain the Streetcar system.

Public Involvement

The public can remain informed and involved during Final Design of the Streetcar Project. As Station planning commences, corridor stakeholders and the general public will have the opportunity to review potential station concepts, discuss station amenities and provide valuable input. Additional outreach activities during Final Design include:

  • Targeted corridor stakeholder meetings
  • Informational public meeting
  • E-mail notifications
  • Direct mail
  • Distribution of collateral materials
  • Multi-media coordination

Please stay connected for engagement opportunities!


The estimated capital cost to construct the Downtown Riverfront Streetcar project is approximately $200 million. However, cost estimates will be refined as the project development process is finalized. A number of different funding sources will be used to construct the project including local, state, and federal resources.

The cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento will be responsible for operations and maintenance costs of the Downtown Riverfront Streetcar. Private sector contributions through a Community Facilities District within the City of Sacramento was approved by property owners within the corridor in July 2017 to help fund the annual operations and maintenance of the streetcar system. The final fare structure for service is still being determined.