Cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento host Portland Streetcar, Inc for a Business Roundtable Discussion with local property and business owners

IMG_1839More than a half-century after streetcars disappeared from local thoroughfares, leaders in Sacramento and West Sacramento want to bring them back to help reshape downtown as a more convenient and vibrant place to live, work and play. But to do it, they likely will need financial help from hundreds of property owners.

Will downtown business interests, only now recovering from the recession, buy into the trolley idea, especially if they are asked to dig into their own pocketbooks? The answer depends on whether they decide streetcars really would be a boon for downtown, or whether they see the idea as too trendy and costly.

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A Streetcar bound for Atlanta runs on the Green Line in Downtown Sacramento in a Streetcar Showcase

DSCN0378SACRAMENTO – A streetcar eventually bound for Atlanta hit the streets of downtown Sacramento Friday on light rail tracks to offer a preview of whatproposed streetcar service might look like.

As opposed to Sacramento Light Rail, which uses larger trains designed for longer trips into the suburbs, streetcars would be smaller vehicles making frequent stops in the urban core.

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